Rabu, 17 November 2010

Muffler stove...


Muffler Stove? When my friend asked me to write about this I kinda stunned…. Well, I have not been long in dealing with buses… And just get a bit bitchy by noticing almost about everything after dozen of years.
It turn out, it was sort of something my friend and her friends talk about related to bus with destination Jakarta – Merak that producing heavy black smoke from the muffler. The black heavy smoke sort of like old time stove and that’s why they used to say that bus is like a walking stove. Perhaps they should say a walking fire… Kidding

Well, from years we have been wondering why on earth those buses that produce heavy smoke were allowed to keep on operating. My friend even said that she could not breath properly when she was using motorcycle and were EXACTLY behind the bus along with the heavy smoke. Not only that she could not breath properly, the heavy smoke made her looks as if she just come out from the fireplace. No wonder my cousin saw no interest to stay permanently in Jakarta. He said he could die of trouble breathing if he has to keep on using motorcycle in Jakarta. Even though he has all the gears like jacket, helmet and do not know what else. Once we are having bad luck and be in the middle of cloud of smoke …oh dear. It was better if we standing on the street we could still close our mouth and perhaps nose (though is useless anyway as we have inhaled too much already). But if we are riding motorcycle then how in the heck we close our mouth? The only thing we could do is to let that smoke find its way through our helmet. Yuck…
This picture was taken from an article about EARTH DAY on a website and we could see what happen to the Jakartan during that day. Heavy pollution from that vehicle really show how bad it is already.

I experienced that too when I was standing on the street waiting for the bus to come. The bus that I have been waiting was not to be seen but other public transportation were passing us by along with the heavy smoke. I am still lucky I was not addictive to the heavy smoke… LOL… Usually the older the bus or other public transportation then they would surely produce more heavy smoke from the muffler. And it is not a surprise that we all became alert whenever we saw the rotten bus approaching from a far. We could say that we the passengers waiting for the bus on the street like a bunch of mosquitos and the buses are bug terminator (sorry I can’t just say any brand as they are not the sponsor of this blog… hehehehe)… As soon as they are approaching we all going to disperse.

But Jakartan are strong people, probably… There are many street vendors selling food on the sidewalk. Which means their location is near the street where those public transportation viciously producing the poisoning heavy smoke to the food and to the visitors. Nobody seems to be bothered though. They keep on enjoying the meal… Probably it taste better with mixing of heavy smoke from muffler stove…. LOL
Thanks to Mira Aqila for the idea J

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  1. Kopaja dan Metro Mini itu mestinya udah pada pensiun ya Ria.. Angkutan ibu kota kok kayak gitu.. :(

  2. hahaha, cuman glamor di mall tapi rongsokan di jalan :D


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