Jumat, 18 Maret 2011


When it was my first time used busway there are something that impressed me (even though I cramped in the middle of so many passengers inside). CLEAN.

But naturally I was not surprise to see why the busway look so clean. Well, it was still new at that time. Indonesian famous for able to invent something or create something but do not have a clue to do proper maintenance. Same thing with the public transportation. New public transportation look dazing in and outside. But soon enough things will go from butter to gutter.

Is this the fault of bus company for not hiring cleaning service to clean up the regular bus so at least it will be a lot cleaner and not become nest for germs.

So is it the fault of passengers? By the way, there is sign reminding passengers not to eat and drink on the bus. In the beginning yeah all those passengers obeying this. Recently, I have seen a mother feeding her not-so-infant-children and ending with the kid throwing up all over the floor. YUCK. Busway company probably hiring people to cleans up the mess but I doubt same thing happen with regular buses. Probably the driver and his assistant will be the one cleaning the bus. And to think that they have been riding all day I am not so sure they will have enough strength to clean up the dirty bus? We as the passengers obviously also contribute with the mess with food, snacks, drinks and organic waste which I am not going to describe in detail.

And to imagine that we are as the passenger will be the one to enjoy the clean environment inside the public transportation and not worry about catching germs... Or perhaps we just lazy to be told to involve in keeping the public transportation stay clean and tidy

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  1. Hi Ria,
    Actually our people are not dirty people.
    If we have leaders who can lead properly I am
    sure that the people can follow.
    For example Singapore can be clean because the country enforced strict laws against anyone who litter, etc.
    We also have by-laws (perda) which forbid throwing thrases in public places by it does not work because the officers can compromise with the fine

  2. you probably right. But we have to admit that most Indonesia are careless and get offended when someone suggest what to do correctly...

  3. Hi Ria

    majority of Asians, except for the Japanese
    lack a sense of civic consciousness...

    Frankly speaking the world is their dumping ground. Their mentality echoes along this line.." As long as it is not my house, it's
    ok to do throw everywhere". Sometimes, I'm left wondering what is the use of rubbish bins and signs saying "jangan membuang sampah" when they are blatantly ignored ?

    Enforcement ? Sorry...when you have officers
    who "membuang sampah merata-rata tempat",
    how are you going to set an example to fellow
    citizens ? Do we really have to treat full
    grown adults like small children with all
    the strict laws , like what Multibrand @ Harry
    indicated ? Sad, sad case

  4. @bearwife true, that someone who issued the regulation must follow them to set example for others. Unfortunately we all knew only too well that most of them deliberately broke the rules in order to show off to others... :(


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