Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Place to sit : the opening

Chair or bench or something for people to sit in is a primary need inside public transportation. Like people need water badly when stranded in the desert. This pressing primary need could leash a real personality of someone whether is good or bad (worse, will be the exact word)

To see and to experience myself how people could do anything for a seat often drive me nuts in the beginning but eventually after arriving safe at home I just go grinning.

Seat is the only place where we can at least have a rest especially if it happened we sat near the window. We can sleep, day dreaming, reading, or just sit and paying attention to other passengers.

So, when the bus is totally crowded and there is this traffic jam and it means the journey that usually takes only 30 minutes will take 2 hours instead (start to get the picture?) then it will be crazy if we do not get a seat.

I have seen people just sat on a empty chair left by the previous passenger who actually have given the seat to someone else. The person did not even apologize because he or she fighting for a tiny little place to rest. Or people will push you around when you are about to get on the busway in order to get the chance to sit on those limited empty seat.

It is really going to take all the strength and courage and kindness to poke someone who looks need the seat more than you,  offered the seat and ensure the person sit there. Then embrace yourself for a very tiring long journey home on your feet and hands ( to grab anything near you)

More stories on seats? Well, just wait for them

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  1. Hi Ria,

    Getting a seat on a bus nowadays is not an easy thing to do, not even on busway/transjakarta.

    It is very sad that some male passengers do not seem to care that they just seat although there are elderly people and women standing on crowded bus.

    More large size buses should be added so that the buses would not be as crowded as they are now.

  2. Harry, not only male but often female does not care about others :)

  3. Mohon sarannya untuk weblog baruku,
    sebagai anak putra daerah Dabo Singkep
    Kepulauan Riau hanya itu yang bisa
    aku persembahkan buat kampungku yang tercinta…

  4. Terima kasih atas kunjungannya, tapi blog anda jauh lebih professional dari blog saya ini dan saya bingung juga deh bisa kasih saran apa ya?


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