Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Engine problem...

What was the most thing that drive you mad whenever you were in a hurry and have-not-so-much money and need to use public transportation? 

For me was when the vehicle suddenly have engine problem and just stop totally…
Oh my God…

Panic? Absolutely! I was still miles away from my destination and it means I have to wait for another public transportation and time will keep on passing us by. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. You will start to think about how much time wasted before catching another public transportation. Though the driver’s assistant will help the passenger to be transferred to another one, still the waits can drive you nuts. Not to mention that during peak hour the next public transportation are also loaded with lots of people.  So how in the heck we could get on to that public transportation? 

That is the reason I do not like to have short in cash… Let us just say that we figure we will spend 2K Rupiah for the first public transportation that get us from home to the main street. Then we need to spend around 5K Rupiahs on using this AC bus to get to this bus terminal located in the end of the world. From there we have to spend 2K Rupiah to use a different one before finally reaching to the office. If all goes on well you will need to have 9K Rupiah in your pocket. I try to avoid having only that money on my pocket. And if I can I will have them in small changes. There I would not have to get involved in the cutthroat argument in the morning about the small changes. All payments need to be paid in cash and there is no payment with debit card. Let alone with credit card. Well, you can if you use taxi but that only with certain taxi companies.

Which situations that make you panic the most; the public transportation have engine problem in the morning when you are about to go to work… Or, it happened on your way home after working the whole day? 

I probably would be so fidgeting if it happened in the morning. As getting late to the office will have consequences such as being judged lazy person for not trying to go earlier (while we all know no matter how early we go if that day is not our day then yes…we are still going to be late). While on the way home, probably I would go mad instead of fidgeting. As I have imagined that within 1 hour I could be at home, resting from a hard day work. But it turn out I need more time before finally arriving at home. Plus, can you imagine that after getting a nice seat inside any public transportation while raining out there…then your dream destroyed by the engine problem. You then have to wait under the heavy rain for transportation. Yikess…

Whenever I heard the engine started to make a strange sound or let out this bad smell, I started to get nervous all the way of my journey. I am starting to get busy to pray so this public transportation won’t have engine problem before I reach my destination. Hahaha… Super selfish!

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  1. Hi Ria/The Dream Catcher,
    This morning, yesterday moning and the day before I saw bus that stopped in middle of the Jakarta Outer Ring Road with passengers standing on side of the road waiting for replacement bus to come and take them away.
    I wonder whether the bus companies have not taken proper care of their buses.

  2. no Harry, I guess they do not really give a damn about taking care those buses

  3. sometimes it's annoying, yeah.. whatever happen we have to b patient;) Thanks for sharing this Dream Cathcher!


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