Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

And the route is...

Well, my destination is not far from the spot where I found the cab and there is only one route that we should take so yeah obviously I did wonder why he has the need to ask about it. With bewilderment I told him that we should just take this road straight. Then I asked why in the heck he should ask about it unless he has no idea where we were going. No surprise when he said yes and admitted he was a new driver for a couple of days.

Oh dear, I could not even to imagine to get on the taxi and have no idea which route to take. Like I want to go to this mall but do not have a clue about the road to get there. Usually I have to admit to the driver about it and also asked whether he know the way to go there. Well, this is a public transportation with fare running on meters. If that taxi driver is as idiot as me and he keep on circling around and the fare will keep on running… And after all that craps, we were still not able to get to our destination.

 To tell you the truth I am not really sure is a good thing to confess about it to the taxi’s driver. It will be okay if our confession drags another confession from the driver so both of us could avoid a killing atmosphere between us. Hehehe… Exaggerating… I know… But if we do not admit it to the driver and whoosh…the not so nice taxi driver will happily take us around to don’t know where before reaching the real destination.

Usually I try to find out about the route before taking the taxi with someone who already familiar with it. So, I could pretend to the driver as if I know about the route to be taken. The real disaster is when the driver also has no clue about the road.

However, kindly note that knowing the route to be taken not going to give guarantee that we could avoid heavy traffic jam. Like I know shortcuts to get to my house but I could have known when will be the time for traffic jam. Eventually I have to use another road which is longer but strangely no traffic jam.
So if knowing the route is not a guarantee to get to your destination sooner then imagines being with a driver who also share the same idiocy with us the passenger.

I would prefer the taxi driver just being honest with us if they don’t know the route to our destination. We both probably disappointed in the beginning but at the least we will not getting grumpy all the way to our destination. That is if we are really getting to the correct destination.

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