Rabu, 23 Februari 2011


 Come to think of it, perhaps I was born in the wrong age of time... Hehehehe

Ages ago when I was still in the university and in the beginning my first year to go to work, I think I always have to go through a bridge construction or toll construction or fly over construction. What about the street around the construction? Oh well, better not ask or imagine about how heavy the traffic jam was around that area. There was a time I got stuck at the same spot for more than an hour. I was inside the car for the whole time, not going anywhere.

And I just read that we are going to have MRT in the future.

Hmmm, the so-called MRT will use train, okay I am confuse now. Will they be using the old rail tracks or going to build another new one? And what about the station for MRT? Surely they are going to build that one

By the way, though I am wondering about the future traffic while the on going construction for this new kind of transportation I also think about something. Will there really be any MRT at all? Suddenly it remind me those stakes built for monorail. But until now those stakes are just standing there. Unfinished. Useless. As they were just standing there not as accessories on the street. But another thing to make the traffic jam worst.

So, if there will MRT for real then...is good. I suppose. Though have no idea when that will be. But I do sincerely hope, and I am sure this is also a hope from others that the plan for having MRT is not going to stop on constructions. Well, half of the constructions. And those constructions are not going to be a symbol of a ruin plan and creator of another traffic jam.

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  1. hopefully it's soon can be realized, due to so much neglected infrastructure in Jakarta.

  2. Hi Ria,

    According to various media reports the MRT will run mostly underground from Lebak Bulus to Kota,
    passing Jl Sudirman, Thamrin etc.
    The question is : what will happen if rain falls very heavily in Jakarta and vicinity ? How are they going to prevent water flooding the underground track during heavy rain ?

  3. @deeahzone I suppose we will find out soon
    @Harry you are absolutely right... Wondering how they are going to manage that...:(

  4. Hi Ria

    with such a big population in Jakarta,
    it is not only timely, but also crucial
    that an MRT be built asap.

    Can't really imagine, the hell you are
    going through every other day with all
    the traffic congestion and changing buses
    on the way to work.

    Wonder what else they are waiting for ?

  5. Emang kl ada MRT akan mengurai kemacetan?org produksi kend dipush trz smentara yg lama ttep jalan. Btw pertnyn menarik tu tt banjir..ada solusi ga yah? berenang? hehe

  6. @bearwife that is why I think within times we are going to go nuts

    @Eunike jiahahaha.... itu juga yang gue pikirin... Dan kalaupun gak under ground berarti mereka pake jalur KA lama dan yaaah... no comment dah


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