Senin, 21 Februari 2011

How long can we wait?

How much time that we willing to spend for waiting regular buses or busway? 15 minutes? Half an hour? An hour? Or 2 hours? Or perhaps forever?

Waiting is the most annoying thing to do ever. Especially when we are in a hurry to go to our destination but have no extra money to take a cab. That and added to unfriendly weather but then again, what’s the point of getting a cab during rainy day around peak hour? It will be only wasting money because you are going to get stuck on the road anyway. So, yeah…public transportation is the only way.

But, they can take forever during peak hours and it is really testing your patience to wait for the public transportations. The problem is for how long? And how much can we stand to wait? We really have to depend on our feet for a long time. It is even worst when the rain pouring down hard. Even inside the bus stop there will be no picnic either.

Usually public transportations will be hard to find if the previous hours there were something happened like earthquake. After earthquake people tend to rush home even before working hours ended. And to those who are not so lucky and still have to go home around 5 PM will not be able to get any bus within a very long time. Probably in the end will go home on foot, thinking of it as an exercise.

It’s getting even worst when there are huge demonstrations on the main street and totally a catastrophe when there is a riot. There will be no chance to seek transportation to go home.

Before going home with busway we have to purchase a ticket first and then when we entered the bus stop for busway we finally realize that there is this long, long, looong lines of people waiting for the busway to come. Seeing those so many people lining up for hundred of meters you are going to wonder where are those busways? I once experienced like that and after feeling upset for wasting my money for the ticket I hurried to let myself out from the bus stop and hit the street. Within 5 minutes I was on my home with regular bus. Well, but of course sometimes it takes forever as well to wait for regular buses…

In short, I think it is up to each person whether they want to wait for 15 minutes or even more. If it depends on my feeling, then I would take a quick time to change my mind about whether I should use other public transportation. Otherwise I would regret about it later.
Now when it depends on my mood, well I can tell you that I have never in good mood when it comes to wait for hours. I could only be patient for half an hour. 1 hour is the top. The public transportation that passing me after half an hour usually already packed with loads of people. So, again… I can’t go home using that super loaded bus.

So, don’t forget to think how long we should spend our time waiting? 15 minutes? Or don’t know how long since we have no money to use various public transportation for change and could only wait and wait…

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  1. I think the DKI government and the management of Transjakarta are taking advantage of busway users.
    They knew that users cannot afford to change to use taxis frequently and have to stick to them so that just do what they think is best for themselves. Like canceling other buses, etc.

  2. yah, sometimes we'll tired for only just waiting in the queue.. it's not efective public transportation, how long we will gonna wait the next busway,, with so much crowded people also waiting for the same,, there is no toilet it's ironic;) Thanks for share us Dream Catcher!

  3. @Harry :exactly... We just have to put up with everything though it's suck

    @Deeahzone : yup... no toilet, no AC and no seats...

  4. That's why sometimes I chose metromini and kopaja instead of transjakarta.. Kadang2 lebih cepet nyampenya ri..

  5. so true!! that's why I can't imagine if busway will be the only public transportation in town :(


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