Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Dangerous situation

A few days ago I read about student thrown from the speeding train by a bunch of muggers.

Reading that news made me sad and wondering whether robbing someone else was not enough that those muggers feel the need to throw that kid from the train. Obviously they were not intending just to hurt that kid but to ensure that he would not be able to report that to the police.

After reading that I was starting to hesitate to try to use train as my transportation. The problem is the robbery happened during the train was empty. As you probably know I always love being inside not so crowded public transportation. I could talking on the phone (looking for troubles, honestly), taking photos (truly deeply madly inviting to be robbed) or probably less harmless activities like reading a book. But, try to stand with your two feet already a problem in a crowded public transportation. So, yeah I do love having a moment in an empty public transportation. But I suppose with that kind of situation I probably should just take off from the bus when I have a bad feeling about something. Of course since I have not even try to take train to go somewhere wondering if I could just move away when it was empty or not?

Though it is our right to have that comfort moment inside every public transportation …probably we should not get carry away… We should always keep our eyes open to any potential dangerous situation. Does not mean we should be paranoid about everything. But better do that rather than being sorry later.

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  1. yah, it doesn't mean we should be paranoid about everything, we have to be carefull and aware! Thanks for share Dream Catcher

  2. Hi Ria,
    I think anyone can face dangerous situation any time and anywhere, even while we are walking on the street we can be hit by a motorcycle, or robbed.
    The most important thing is that we should always be aware of our surroundings.

  3. Agree!! We've to be extremely careful on public transportation these days..

  4. dear all, to be honest after reading about that robbery on the train I kinda afraid to take pictures during my journey on the bus... Only when I was using busway then I dare to take a chance :D


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