Senin, 14 Februari 2011


When this event executed for the first time in September 2007 (information from Wikipedia), main streets were closed for cars. Only regular buses and busways passing through. When it was executed at the first time, took the whole day. In the beginning to those who does not own a car were happy to welcome this event. it was a chance for us to enjoy walking around the main street without being bothered by cars. People biking around us. We also got the chance to take our photos near the fountain located not far from Hotel Indonesia.

Car Free Day was meant to reduce the pollution by not having too many cars for several hours. But come to think of it, since the main street being closed and all while people keep on passing that the end the pollution is still there. Not to mention that people get irritated for not knowing when this Car Free Day being held exactly.

So, what's the point of having CAR FREE DAY? Well, i suppose it depends on each party. Some people love it because they could enjoy walking around on the main street. The others probably get annoyed because their can't continue their journey. Especially because they have no idea about the event.
Perhaps the event need to be published more to the public?

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  1. Hi, love your blog about public transports in Jakarta...
    Regarding the car free day in Jakarta, i suppose the event is still a lot better than all the car free day event in other cities like Palembang, or Bandung.

    More Publication? I don't really think that big marketing about the event will help though...

    I currently live in Bandung, and if I got anything to say about Car free day in Bandung, It's a lot worse.. When Car Free day in Bandung was first held last year, it's a good thing. You got 10 to 15 people in whole Dago Street to walk or jog. But now, do to the over-exposure of the event. Dago street has become a "marketplace" every Sunday. You get congested roads, street festivals, and you simply can't move around.

    It was said that car free day could reduce pollution, yet it becomes a secondary source of it...
    Sound pollution, air pollution, thrash... It's all there...

    And I definitely don't want this to happen in Jakarta tho'... :D

  2. Hi Ria,
    I wish that the road and time for the car free day can be extended.
    Happy Valentine.

  3. Thanks for share this;) Car free day to reduce carbon emision and support Global Warming campaign! Let's more aware and use car free day with positive activities.

  4. dear all, government policy always have pro and con :)
    I guess I am still in between about this :) I love it to be able to walk through the main street but I think the pollution is not reducing at all


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