Rabu, 16 Februari 2011


Few days ago there was this news about busway's driver hit a kid who was crossing the road.
Without means to blame on anybody, this is probably the thing that made me scare to learn how to drive. I would rather go through hell using bus to my destination or if I have more money then I will use taxi.

When we were coming home from the hospital, our taxi almost hit a motorcycle who came out of nowhere. Luckily for us he managed to hit the brake in time and avoid that motorcycle. Fortunately too that there were no cars that near us at the time. Otherwise we could get into a terrible accident.
After feeling so relieved after avoiding send that motorcycle rider to hell, we have a little chit chat with the tense driver. He said that what he afraid the most beside motorcycles are people crossing the street so sudden.
"Those people, they just went on crossing the street without check the road first... Sometimes we can't see their body because a building or something block the sight... Then suddenly...whoosh they were there on the street... If we were too close there would be no way we could avoid them..."
Same goes with motorcycle riders, said the taxi driver. Often they just coming out from the hidden alley without stop to see whether there are people walking the street. Or they could be end up being hit by passing cars.

On the other way around, if we are inside regular buses or busways or any other public transportation. Sometimes in our bad luck, we meet with reckless driver. Speeding while have a chit chat on the phone. True that by speeding we could get to our destination faster. But which destination? And by being reckless how in the earth those drivers could watch the road?

Nobody wish to have an accident or becoming the source of an accident. Even if we remind ourselves everyday to be careful there will be no guarantee accident would not happen. And when we are not careful, then the accident finally happen.

It is on my mind what if I become the family of the hit and run victim. It is on my mind if we are the driver who accidentally hit someone else, either on purpose or otherwise. I can imagine how those passengers inside that doom public transportation will feel scare, panic, shock but reality force them to realize they are going to be late to their destination. If we are inside the bus stop for busway then we will wait and wait for the never coming busway because of the accident. However we have no idea about it and keep on standing there.

My condolence to every single life that have been taken... My condolence to all the accidents that should have never happen

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  1. Hi Ria,

    The street is full of dangerous things like people crossing the street very suddenly, other car drivers who do not drive properly, turning with sign, etc.
    However, driving is very interesting. The beauty of it is how to always be aware of surroundings and alert while driving.
    I felt very sorry for all the victims of reckless drivers.

  2. that's the thing, Harry. I am a very careless person... I do not think I can maintain myself to keep on alert and monitoring whether there will be a reckless motorcycle or people crossing the street.. Sighed...


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