Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Television in the taxi

When the first time I used taxi with television on it, I was excited. Or being CORNY to be exact. I felt so cool to be able to watch television programs that usually need us to subscribe with cable tv. For a while, I wish I have longer journey to be able to keep on watch the television. But then it struck me that the longer I was in that taxi the bigger fare that I need to pay…

But then was a long time ago. Recently I do not feel the mood to watch television while using the taxi. First of all, most of them have broken remote control. So, when there was only one channel that available and there was nothing we could do with the too loud volume or too low volume of voices from the television. Thanks goodness if the remote control still able to be used to turn off the television. It was no use to try to find buttons to be pushed on the television. And when I did not like the television program and the voice was totally annoying, the television just bothering me and I would rather the taxi have no television at all.

And since the television is no use at all, it will only blocking our view to see outside the taxi (and blocking my view to see how much fare I need to pay…LOL). It is really a pity that the television is just becoming an accessory… And to think that we could pass the time watching what was on television when we have to go through heavy traffic jam.

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  1. Is the taxi in yellow color? I think I know it.

  2. Hi Ria,
    I never ride a taxi that has a TV.
    I'd rather check twitter, fb, emails on my HP.

  3. Transcab has TV only and to be fair I never turn it on now as I really dont want to watch tv during my trips, the real life outside the window is more fun.
    In Makassar they have Karaoke taxis.... we should think ourselves lucky!!!

  4. Ha ha ha Ria....for all you know, while you
    were too absorbed in watching TV, the cab
    driver could have taken a longer route,
    went through a few traffic jams and
    adjusted your taxi metre along the way...ha
    ha ha

    Wouldn't it be better if they slotted TVs
    into long distance buses instead ? Seems
    more appropriate to me :)

  5. @Rif : hehehe, no komen
    @Harry : There are two kind of taxis now in Jakarta that have tv
    @Luke : taxi with karaoke... My God... we are so lucky indeed
    @Bear Wife : yeah, television will be better to be installed at long distance buses

  6. i agree with u, if there is a tv on the taxi and funcioned well..i think we could get some entertainment and not bore, but if can not used it just blocking view hehe;) Nice share!


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