Jumat, 07 Januari 2011


Life depending on public transportation is a drag... You hate using public tranportation full with so many people. Not to mention that you will not get a seat, sweats dripping all over you, tired for standing too long...and the risk you will loose your wallet by pickpocket.

I read something on the dailynews KOMPAS few days ago and gave me a creep...

There was a robbery for that lone passenger. Well, she was alone with other 4 fake passengers which turn out all robbers including the driver. From what I read and quote, policemen have failed tracking them as the porprietor use fake identity such as license to operate a vehicle on certain route and ID car's number... CREEPY!

Since the victims were usually female, most of them prefer to be on the crowded public transportation. If there were only few male passengers then they would rather find another public transportation.

Surely this will add another long list of robbery on public transportation which make us worry... But what can we say? We are the one who need public transportation with cheap fare!

Poor us :(

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  1. Hi Ria,
    It is very creepy indeed.
    I hope that the government will increase the number of buses and trains, and also build
    MRT soonest possible.

  2. Building MRT? Really? I can not imagine the traffic jam caused by the process... And after all that traffic jam, it turn out the project just gone with the wind. It is just another waste of public money :(


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