Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

No other option

A week ago there was this news about elimination of several routes of regular buses.

If you wish to know which one, you may go to this website

From what I read, it said that nobody protesting about the elimination of those routes. SURE?

First of all, I myself not protesting because I hardly passing thouse routes. But if I do, well then obviously I am going to be upset and yeah probably will protest about it.

Why? Well, are there enough busways to provide the service? And the most annoying fact that I have to walk miles away from one bus stop to another if I need to transit. I suppose I am over weight as walking those long corridor really tiring, for transit only. Plus, the bus stop probably nowhere near where I suppose to reach.

Currently, when NOT ALL entire citizen willing to leave their motorcycle and car and regular biasa...will there be enough busway to cover all those passengers who is now using busway? Reading that some have to queue for two hours then I would say that rather I use regular buses than busway. At the least, we as passengers have options like when we are not in the mood to take busway we will then use regular bus. And the other way around...

But when it comes the time that there is no other choice and busway will be the only public transportation... Hmmm, perhaps this is the time for me to learn how to drive so I can avoid using public transportation.

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  1. Hi Ria,

    It seems that the Busway has disappointed some people that one of them have fired a pistol to one of the busway.
    I also think that you should take a driving course and get a driving license, so that you would have more alternatives.

  2. Haaa, that guy is a criminal and I am sure he must be sorry that he even fired that gun...and drove the police to find out what he really is...


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