Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Damri Bus

Nowadays traffic jam seems a daily menu and considering I do not have much money I decided to take Damri if I need to go to the airport. The fare is only IDR 20,000.00

The bus is fully air conditioned, the seat is good, there is movie entertainment on tv (though sometimes the movie using alien language which I have no idea whatsoever). So, all I can do is to sit nicely and sleep all the way. But since it is a public transportation so there is always a problem

Damri, the bus to go to the airport have a space to put your inside the bus. The space located near the front door. Since I only bring one suitcase I put it inside the bus and sit next to it.

Though there are only clothes inside the suitcase, I treated the suitcase as if I was carrying a pocket full of gold bars. Thankfully my seat located near the suitcase so I could keep on watching it.

The journey does not take long as there was no traffic jam on the highway. The bus entered the airport and took its passengers to various terminals. Starting with the newest terminal : Terminal 3 then went to Terminal 2 and finally to Terminal 1. And this was the incident started. A passenger started to lift up my suitcase. At first I still sat silently as I thought he just want to move my suitcase to get his. But when he just walked away carrying my suitcase in that instance I stood up and yell at that person. Protesting him why in the heck he was carrying my suitcase? I could not go on a holiday without bring any clothes and there is no way I have to buy new clothes. That passengers keep on apologizing but of course I did not believe that my bag is similar with his. Of course since that time, I keep on watching my suitcase closely and not move my sight from it.

You do know how long to claim your missing suitcase?

But don't worry... I will not hesitate to use Bus Damri to go to the airport next time... Of course, I will sit closely near with my suitcase...

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  1. Hi Ria,
    I always thought that the Damri buses going to and from the airport are exclusive, in the sense that their passengers are only people who want to go by airplane, therefore would be much safer than others.

  2. I thought so too until I almost lost my suitcase on that bus...

  3. eventhough i'm never lost my suitcase as ur experience,,hmm i think that's really dissapoint if such Damri bus still not more safer than the other public bus. Thanks for share us!

  4. Hi Dee, I did not loose my suitcase but ALMOST loose it...
    I guess we just need to be more careful with our things... :)


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