Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Watch out with that leg...

What's the first thing you need to remember when you are about to hop in to the bus?

Pay attention on your feet. If you are about to hop in to the bus do not forget to put your right leg first. Then if you are about to get off from the bus, don't forget to use your left leg.

How did I learn about this? Oh, I learnt it from the hard way during my moment as first timer on using buses. That time, I was about to go home from the university at night. I thought the bus has stopped completely when the driver's assistant yelled about the destination. Well, silly me of course. So, absent mindedly I started to move my leg to get off from the bus. Using my right leg. Then when that right foot just touch the ground, the bus suddenly start to move again. If I was a cartoon character, probably I would be flying in the air for a few second before finally hit the ground. Hard. Did it hard? Oh, don't even bother to ask. But lucky me that there was no car behind me that could run me over. Second, there were not so many people standing on the street so I was safe from humiliation.

So be aware when you are about to get on the bus and get off from the bus. You would not want to be fallen from the bus as trust me, it is not a very nice experience especially when the street full with pack of vehicles.

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  1. Hi Ria,

    It is always good to be hear reading your experiences in going by buses, but I am sad
    to know about how you fell from the bus.

  2. nyiahahah.. and I taught I'm the only one who did that. Saya ampe jatoh dan keseleo parah looh, bengkak gitu ankle-nya. Udah mana si keneknya pake teriak, "pake kiri kalo turun mba, kaya baru pertama naik metromini aja" (_ _")

  3. Thanks Dream Catcher for sharing! watchout with that leg..hmmm interesting capture photo with that tatoo:)LOL

  4. Hi DC, your love of public transport is amazing, and full credit to you. Do keep writing these amazing tales. I love them!

  5. It happened a long time ago when I was still young :D
    Of course it would be a different story if I fell a few days ago :D

  6. @Ana
    Hoahahaha.... Untungnya gue gak keseleo cuman biru2 ajeh... :D hihihihih kalau sekarang sih udah rontok tuh...

  7. @Luke Thanks for the nice comment :)


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