Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Cheap fare transportation..., really?

Why people really want to put themselves in the gutter just to use public transportation? Well, obviously because the fare is much cheaper compare if we took a taxi.

But come to think of it, if we have to use from one public transportation to another then the fare is not going to be cheap. First you probably have to pay IDR 2,000 for the mikrolet, then continue with busway amounting IDR 3,500 if you took it after 07.00 AM. After that you still need to use motorcycle taxi with fare IDR 5,000... If you add them all, then what's so cheap about it? Just double the fare to cover from the moment you left the house up to go home again.

If we read people who use busway complaining about how they have to wait for 2 hours before the busway finally available. They did that to save some money for the fare. Otherwise, once they saw how long the line is then it would be better to just walk out from the bus stop for busway. Then try to find any kind of buses that goes to our destination. And that would mean we are loosing extra money for the fare for the possibility arriving at home earlier. Well, if the regular buswasy is there in front of you within 10 minutes of waiting then we better get on with it. Even though the bus already packed with lots of people. Rather than waiting for 2 hours at the bus stop, not including the time duration to be taken before reaching home.

So, what's so cheap about from those public transportation? Or is it our own fault in choosing wrong house's location?

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  1. Hi Ria/The Dream Catcher,

    Very interesting post.
    Every cities, especially capital cities, should provide a good public transportation system.

    For a city that calls it self metropolitan with population of more than seven million people Jakarta absolutely must have a mass rapid transportation (MRT)with affordable fare.

    And Jakarta has begun construction of monorail but stopped due to inconsistency of the city government, and no support from the central government.

    So, my answer to your last question is :
    it is not the citizens' fault for choosing houses far away from downtown of the city.

  2. Oh yeah... Now i remember... Whatever happen with that so-called monorail? They just another waste of money...
    It is their responsibility but as we can see..it's not getting better but to the other way around...

  3. Ria,

    It happens in Indonesia too ?
    Although I haven't been to Jakarta, but
    I can imagine the hassle and stress
    people go through, just to get to work
    on time.

    The point is why waste tons of money
    building useless monuments to show off
    to the world when you can't even get
    your basic transportation right...

    It's time we make those people up
    there take the public transport
    to feel the discomfort of the masses.
    Guaranteed...things will change immediatly:)

  4. because to give good and grant impression to the whole wide world is far more important than serving your own people... Sighed... Or to indulge themselves with every facilities that they can get...


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