Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

My very selfish moment

Well, I am after all just another human being... LOL... Self defense before starting to confess...

I am most obviously know that I should be able to give my seats for pregnant women, parents with so many kids around them, elderly or anyone who needs to sit more than myself.

BUT, there were moments when I absolutely unable or unwilling to give my seats for other passengers....

1. If I was not feeling well
Headache, stomache cramp, tired feet over standing too long... Once I have myself a seat then certainly I would not want to bother about other people's misery. Rather than try to be nice and just give my seat away and then collaps in public place...

2. While I am sleeping
Well, how in the heck I could care less about the other when I was already flying to dreamland?

3. If I was in the mood to read
You can't read book while standing... Hopefully to get seat near the window so I could be more ignorant to other people and finish my book

4. If I was so damn tired
There were times when my body not ready to be pushed around and my hands unable to grip on something so I would not fall. I felt exhausted and could only wish to enjoy my time while sitting at least to refresh myself.

5. When I have too many stuffs
I totally hate it to keep on standing while bring so many plastic babs full of groceries. I could not feel my fingers as they already numb for holding the plastic bags too long. So, when I do get a seat I will not going to give it easily to somebody else

Yeah, I know that when we think about it...other people probably more tired than I am. But there are moments when I just give up and thinking to take care of myself first rather than other's.

(So, I should not be ranting or grumbling when people do not want to give me seat on the bus ... LOL! THEORETICALLY)

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  1. i have no time to take care of myself first.. i realized that i am a humanbeing that means an ordinary people, sometimes there is time i wanna give up and stop to think other's.. but i can't.

    Nice share! LOL


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