Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Who's to blame?

A few days ago I just read reader's note to dailynews KOMPAS that really makes me weary...

The person said that he wished to support the goverment's program in reducing polution in Jakarta and therefore he left his car and used the busway

In short, he was being pushed by another passengers that wish to enter the busway and automatically he tried to hold on to the door... Probably at the same time, the door was being closed. The result was fatal. He lost his thumbs! Though officials in charge have apologized and stated that this accident would be reported but up to now there is no further response.

Without meaning to blame anyone, this kind of situation happened when people get impatient...

Oh dear I am going to be late! tssk, I don't care about this person in front of me... Why he is being so slow! Just push him! Otherwise I could not get into the busway! While the busway seems never going to arrive in this bus stop...

While those outside the busway...hmmmph, this street for busway is empty... I better drive through here... And succesfully all street are pack with cars...traffic jam hit the street. Not even a rat can pass it.. Especially if all motorcycles already gathering in one part of the street

So, who are we going to blame for this matter?

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  1. Well, who do u think? governor? or even president?

  2. I think we are all to be blamed... Don't u think? The government for not being able to provide decent public transportation services and ourselves for being so impatient we forget our humanity...

  3. Hi Ria,

    The problem in our country is that people tend to refuse to take responsibility for the things that are supposed to be part of their obligations.
    Usually they would look for a scapegoat, in this case perhaps the bus driver would be hold responsible. Actually there should be certain procedure for closing-opening of doors, how many passengers are allowed to be taken. And there would be someone who should supervise.

  4. Jumlah bus harus ditambah ya, udah nggak sesuai dengan kepadatan penumpang, apalagi jam-jam sibuk.. Pengadaan bus itu keteteran ngikutin kebutuhan masyarakat :(

  5. @Harry you are right... We are used to find a space goat to hold the big responsibility... Nobody wants to think through together what need to be done
    @Mpok B hhhh, Mpok....kok pinteran kita yak mikirin hal itu...


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