Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Seats, the episode

A friend of mine: Winda told me about how to try stealing a seat on the bus and as (ex) user of buses, if feel her. So, thanks to her I am writing this post :D

If we are getting tired on the bus, standing on our feet ever since we step on the bus and our journey is still a long way to go thank you to the heavy traffic jam so it is not surprising if we start to imagine if only we have that conmfy seat. Then escalate from imagination only to try focusing on our surrounding. Start to take a peek over here and there...looking for opportunity to be seized as who knows there is any passenger shift their sitting position.

Changing sitting position from sitting with their back lying comfortably on the seat with head nodding head and backwards due to overslept. It is a sign that the person still have a long way to go. Then suddenly they awake and their posture become straight, meaning they are start looking whether their destination is near or otherwise. If they shifted their body to the edge of the seat meaning that passenger is getting ready to getting off the bus but not ready to give up the seat.

LOL... As if I know for sure...as I am still unable to guess correctly for the last part. Often I met with passengers seems they were getting ready to get off the bus along with their body with half standing position along with their head look up to ensure whether they have arrived or else... Seeing this kind of poisitions, naturally me and few other seats vultures (well, searching for seats on the crowded bus is like having a war) stalking and approaching that-soon-to-be-empty-seat. We all getting ready to snatch it if that passenger really leave the seat to get off from the bus. And after stalking intently it turn out the passenger sit down again and sometimes when you are really out of luck the passenger is not going to get off from the bus up to the moment you reach your destination.

So tired of doing the stalk in searching for seats on the bus. Not only that it made us almost get into a fight with others, the stalking alone...and in the end we guessed incorrectly as we are still keep on standing until we reached our destination.

Life is suck...

3 komentar:

  1. Hi Ria,

    It seems that you need to have a whole lots of pasience if you want to ride confortably on a bus.

  2. There are simply too many people in the city and too little decent mass public transport.. *sigh*

  3. Harry, well...yeah...but then again if everything went well during my journey on the bus ...i am not going to have anything to tell :D

    Mpok B, sighed, sighed, sighed :(


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