Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

That long corridor

It turn out we have another addition in doing a bit sport on public transportation. That is healthy walking through transit bus stop for busway that has a very long, long, looooong way to go.

Yesterday I used transit bus stop Semanggi to use another bus stop that will lead me to Central Park.

All these time I thought transit bus stop for busway at Matraman and Dukuh Atas are the longest. But it turn out, the transit bus stop at Semanggi is truly the longest one that I have ever seen. If I walk under the sunny weather, or accompanied with calm wind or cool will be great. But I am not so sure to ever want to walk there late at night or under the rain.

Wanna see the photos? be my guess...

3 komentar:

  1. The corridor is too long, I would not dare to walk there by myself in the dark.

  2. Dukuh Atas is the longest corridor that i've ever seen... but i am so excited and enjoy to walk there. Seems I am exercising...

  3. @harry: yes, I am sure it will be a bit creepy at night
    @Jasmine: try to walk from bust stop for busway at Semanggi :D


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