Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Route 16

Ever since busway exist many regular buses suddenly just gone. So, I worried a bit when I was waiting for an Express AC Bus no 16. The bus left Pulo Gadung terminal headed to Lebak Bulus and passing Pondok Indah Mall; as my destination. I know there is busway passing Pondok Indah Mall and therefore I was worried that bus no 16 is no longer exist. But thanksfully, I was scared for nothing. Around 08.45 I saw the bus and happily went on for the ride.

You see, this bus passing main street in Jakarta that is: Sudirman street and you can stop at any malls that you want to visit. Wait, if you are able to visit the mall then why take the bus? Well, anyway... if you wish to see those malls from Patas AC (Express AC) no 16 then you will have it...

First the bus will pass Imam Bonjol Street then entering Sudirman street. Unfortunately, if you wish to see Water Fountain at Bunderan Hotel Indonesia and straight to three malls near have to get off from the bus. You get off at Imam Bonjol street then walk straight ahead. You will see the water fountain, Hotel Indonesia, then mall Grand Indonesia. Not far there is another two malls Plaza Indonesia and Ex.

If you are keep on continue your journey, soon there will be another mall that is Plaza Semanggi. Of course if you wish to continue then you can stop at Police Headquarter on the next bus stop. Then you can walk a bit to reach Pacific Place Mall. You can use an underpass so you need not to get sweat all over the place.

Still not interested? Then keep going and from bus stop near Police Headquarter you will stop at the next one. Then cross the street and FX mall is at your service. If you don't mind a bit of walking from there you can enter Plaza Senayan and walk another bit to reach Senayan City Mall. Still not want to go there? Then keep on staying on the bus and it will be passing Ratu Plaza. You stop at the bus stop Bunderan Senayan then cross the bridge.

Oh? You still want to see the other two malls? Well, then sit nicely there and the bus will be passing Gandaria City Mall and finally Pondok Indah Mall...

Isn't it fun to go riding on a bus? :)

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  1. Hi Ria,

    The Patas bus is so dangerous to follow on a bike as they go too fast and pull out or in anywhere they like. But for seeing the sights of Jakarta, it sounds an ideal way to do it!!!
    Great stuff


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