Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

My entire life on the bus

After reading so many articles about how so many damaged busway and it's bus stop keep on operating it made me start to pay attention when I was on the busway last Saturday.

All these times I hardly feel the cool air from the air conditioner on the busway when there were many passengers. And even there were fewer passengers we are not going to feel cool inside especially with the heat outside. So yo9u can imagine if these two combined to each other.

And at that time, I found something torn above that could slap passenger's head. Probably it will not take long before finally hit the passenger and fall on the floor. And when I was standing outside I notice for the first time how the previous good looking busway now just the same with old rotten regular buses.

Not to mention the canopy on several bus stop for busway also torn apart successfully.

Someone was making jokes on me for tweeting these facts. Saying that I spent my entire life on the bus.

LOL! What can I say? That's the cheapest public transportation that nobody seems to be paid any attention to tace care of it.

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  1. I heard and read some alarming conditions of the staircases, holes on roofs and floors of bridges.
    I think Busway users should act together and demand attention from the Jakarta govt before there is any victim.

  2. They have been complaining, suggesting and informing a lot about busway through mailing list, groups, blogs but I think nobody really notice :(


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