Selasa, 20 September 2011

The waiting game

Don't you just hate to wait for something for ages? Moreover, you have no idea when the thing that you have waited for ages is going to come. Or probably not ever. Thanks to the heavy traffic jam that happens most of the time nowadays.

At few bus stops for Trans Jakarta have set up monitor to give information for passengers how long the next busway is going to arrive. I have seen those monitors for a few times and yeah, they are pretty accurate. Of course, please kindly note that at the time there was no traffic jam. I have never experience to see how accurate the information is during traffic jam.

Of course regular buses doesn't have this kind of monitor to give that information. The passengers could only wait for don't know how long. This agitating process sometimes can drive passengers to just take any kind of transportation. Even though they are all aware the danger that awaits. If only we all could know how long this damn transportation is going to be arrived and we can all get in just to reach our destination.

3 komentar:

  1. Let us hope that the Trand jakarta Monitor will always be available and maintained properly so that passengers can get accurate schedule.

  2. makanya kadang malas deh naik busway. makin kacak kakdut. mulanya sih lancar dan bersih. lama2 banyak yg rusak, lemot, dll. mesti diperbaiki tuh

  3. to both of you, just FYI...several monitors already not operating ^___^


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