Rabu, 14 September 2011

Taxi in Jakarta

  There are so many taxis companies here in Jakarta. There is taxi with very expensive fare, fairly expensive and economic class. Those taxis with very expensive fee supply all the luxurious comfort for the passengers. After all, money can buy almost about everything. Can't afford to pay the super expensive fee, then there are few criteria for people to choose which taxi they wish to take.

Usually we (especially women passengers) already have the list, which taxi have expensive fare and have good reputation. Also taxis with lesser fare but not giving any less service.

Unfortunately there are may copy cats to this reputable taxis. There are many taxis copied the color and brand to make them look like as the reputable taxis company. As the result, if we just looking at them just by a glace especially at night we will not recognize the difference. That's the dilemma when we chose the taxi. Not all of them are bad drivers. But like I have said so many times, we have to trust our instinct and don't take that taxi if we have a bad feeling about it.

And kindly note, that even though these drivers working for the reputable company but well, they are human after all. Lots of them are polite and helpful to their passengers but few of them are doing the other way around. I once read a taxi driver from reputable company said something inappropriate to his passengers. Unfortunately for him, the passenger make a record of the taxi ID NUMBER. Then the passenger realized that the driver put away his own identity which should be placed in the dashboard. The passengers report the details of time and place where the taxi taken. From what I read, the company responded quickly to the complains and have taken measures to the driver.

So, even we have chosen the best from the very best, it doesn't guarantee we will get good service as well from the drivers.

And if we ever get bad luck to meet with lousy driver like the above story then do not hesitate to complain to the company. Especially taxi company with good reputation.

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  1. I remember that you used to write on twitter when you take a taxi. It is very good to protect yourself from bad things that happened to many female taking taxis.

  2. This girl also tweeting about this but it does not stop the driver to keep on saying something nasty. But by tweeting at least helps us to have a record about what taxi that we took along with their ID

  3. Hi Ria, so many Taxi in Jakarta..but sometimes they're less communicate in English, and it's supposed to be not happen in Big Taxi's Company, because not only the taxi but also the drivers must better in service.

    Nice post n Happy Blogging!


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