Selasa, 06 September 2011

Back to Jakarta

Wants to remember Jakarta when less crowded like today? I enjoyed the quiet Jakarta during Idul Fitri holiday a week ago.

When the holiday fever started to hit Jakarta on 29 august 2011 (though officially the holiday started on 30 August 2011 and government announced that Idul Fitri is officially on 31 August 2011), emptiness is surrounding streets in Jakarta. There were only 1 - 2 vehicles on the street so you could inhale the fresh air. Probably you could also dancing on the street or just passing by in the middle of the road without worry you may get hit by a speeding car.

To those who have to go to the office during holiday season like this...well... there is a good and bad side. The good side, you don't have to rush to your destination sweating all over the place trying to avoid traffic jam during peak hours. The bad side is; especially for avid users of public transportation... well... they sort of gone. The driver and his assistant probably also going to their home town. Or they are busy driving those people to their home town. Of course it doesn't mean that there are zero public transportation on the street. But since there are only a few of them, then it would take longer time before finally have one. Luckily busway still operating with limited time, especially during the holiday. Usually they will put announcement about the operating hours for busway during the holiday. On weekdays busway stop operating around 11 PM but not on holiday.

And since is a holiday, then you can be sure that many people going to amusement park or zoo. And usually many of them going in groups (all of them related or one big happy family) and the bus suddenly crowded with them. Well, sort of like the situation when you are going to the office in the morning. Just enjoy it anyway as this condition will not last more than a week. After that, Welcome to Jakarta citizen and welcome back traffic jam!

Sincerely hope that nobody bring their family nor friends while going back to Jakarta...

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  1. Welcome back, Ria.
    Let's hope that the traffic would improve (??)

  2. Harry, we will see that on next Monday 12 Sep 2011 :)


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