Jumat, 16 September 2011

Danger in Mikrolet

Within two months we read terrible news about rape and murder on mikrolet.

That is one of the sad things of using public transportation here in Jakarta. We need to protect our self and can't count on other people for their help. For you who has no idea about mikrolet here are the pictures

As you can see, passenger will find it hard to find an easy get out once already sitting inside. If the bad guys are more than just one person, they will all sit near the door to ensure that nobody getting out.

Usually I prefer to sit next to the driver. But even this way is not going to guarantee my safety 100%. Sometimes beggars jumps to the mikrolet and insist on passenger sitting on the front to give them money. And not to mention that we have to stand to hear nasty words from the driver that could end up with harassment.

other tips, don't take empty mikrolet with dark windshield. Mikrolet usually passing quiet streets near housing residents so it does have high risk for us to get mugged.

The problem is when we are in a hurry, big chances we are not going to pay any attention to the above. Even if we have tried so hard not to attract attention like not wearing jeweleries or using gadgets and such, we are still have risk to be another victim.

We need to be more extra careful and yeah, pray a lot.

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  1. I never let myself sit inside corner of the mikrolet. The main reason coz I'm afraid of robbers.
    To me, being hurry is not acceptable reason for letting ourself sitting in any available seats. It's our responsibility to make spare time so we can choose which seat to sit on safely.
    If I'm really in hurry and I can't take safe seat in mikrolet, I prefer hailing a cab. To me, safety first. Not prefering the cheap one.

  2. true, which is why I think we always have to trust our instinct. Taking a taxi is not a guarantee that we are going to be safe all the time. It all depends on the person driving the public transportation.

  3. The main problem is that the Police doesn't seem to able to do their job as stated in their slogan: " To Protect and to Serve ", maybe they are too busy watching the traffic: 3 in 1; making sure that trucks and trailers do not enter city roads etc.

  4. actually we all know what they have been doing all these times


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