Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Tour de Busway

Last Saturday I accompanied two person from outside Jakarta with public transportation.

Well, my already has experience with busway when she was in Jakarta few months ago. She have tried with her friend taking busway from Setia Budi Sudirman and went all the way to the last bus stop for busway located in KOTA. So, after making sure she would be fine taking busway by herself along with her friend to Kota, we made a promise to meet there around 9 AM. She was lucky that the busway still empty as they left in the morning.

Once we met at bus stop for Busway at KOTA, we started our tour to museum. First we went to Museum of Bank Mandiri but unfortunately it was closed. So we went to museum of Bank Indonesia located nearby. After finish with our observation, resting and taking photos we went outside to the area of three other museums. However we did not go inside as they have already too crowded with other people. So, from seeing museum to museum we change our course to SHOPPING CENTER at MANGGA DUA with...BAJAJ! The old bajaj with full of vibration with the three of us sat together inside it. We started from Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, then to ITC Mangga Dua then end up at Mangga Dua Mall.

From Mangga Dua Mall, one person went back to the hotel. While my friend and I continued our adventure with another public transportation : Mikrolet. We went to train station at Kota and continue to bus stop for busway nearby. And we have to go through long line before finally get to the busway after sweating heavily and overheard a teenager crying in panic. Thinking she has lost her cellphone.

After that, the next problem was how to get out as we need to switch busway at transit station Harmoni to PGC. My friend was a bit confuse on how we are going to get out from the bus with so many people inside. I told her to just move along while keep on saying,"EXCUSE ME" *GRIN*

And then our plan to enjoy the transit moment at Harmoi to PGC has vanished as we have been waiting too long. So, I have to ask my friend to switch direction to Blok M and we stop at transit station Dukuh Atas. Phewww...

I have been in Harmoni station for two times already and wow...there are so many passengers there. Probably because they are all waiting for the-not-so-fast-coming busway. So, if next time I am about to create an event of TOUR DE BUSWAY then I have to be there very early in the morning?

Then again, salute to my friend who has successfully enjoy the ride of various public transportation in Jakarta, get the feeling of waiting for the busway and being cramped with other passengers! COOL! Maybe next time we will try it again next time you come to Jakarta :)

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  1. Interesting story about tour of Jakarta using Busway. The only that I have taken was Ratu Plaza - Sarinah v.v. some years ago.

  2. well you should try it again sometimes :) But do that in the morning on weekend


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