Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011


  After centuries using buses, I finally realized (wow, that was slow of me) why people prefer not to be discipline

If I try to be disciplined like staying on queue but then others people don't do that, then what's the point? Imagine if I keep on staying on the line and let others continue barging in front of me then I will never ever going to get what I need. If I let other people keep on doing that to me then why I should keep on being on the straight honest way? Before I let other people doing that to me then it will be better I am doing that myself so nobody can block my way... Therefore I will be able to survive...

With that kind of thinking well then obviously a simple writing in faint hope that will tell people to do things right is not going to cut it. And it means, we are going to see people breaking traffic regulation on and on in the future...

Keep on fighting and trying to stay discipline!

5 komentar:

  1. Hi Ria, traffic, aduh!!!! I do believe there are so many good and thoughtful drivers, riders etc out there but they are currently in the minority at the moment.

  2. Discipline is the key to any achievement.
    People in developed countries like USA, Japan, Germany are very discipline.
    If we want to be successful we must be disciplined.

  3. discipline is a very hard thing to do especially if by doing that we become the minority in the middle of so many impatient and careless people

  4. Discipline doesn't make the traffic jam going better.
    But it's meanful to make things not getting worse.

  5. that is true. though doesn't mean that being discipline everything will be fine but at least will be better than what's been happening now


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