Jumat, 08 April 2011

Obey the rule...or not...

A few days ago I went out with regular bus ; you know the one that only need us to pay IDR 2,000. Then as usual, since the bus only being occupied by few passengers the driver starting to drive the bus like crazy. ENough to drive our heart to beat faster and then the driver suddenly slow the bus sooooo much that it can ignite our blood pressure to the max.

Since there were not much passengers inside the bus so it makes me not wondering why on earth the driver stop at where ever he wanted to as long as he see the potential passengers. Same thing happened when he stop the bus to let passengers get off. Nothing that out of the ordinary with the driver. 

Then the bus started speeding up again until I saw a bunch of kids still wearing their uniform tried to stop the bus. And I was totally surprised to see that the driver did not stop at all and even get angry about it... I was like? Seriously? That was a very rare thing for driver to refuse taking passengers in any spot... The driver even grumbling something like this,"I wonder with those kids! Don't they even learn about traffic regulations in school?"

Wow... Two thumbs up for this driver. I never expect to see driver who is so caring about the future of our next generation...until I realize that not far from the spot where those kids tried to stop the bus...there was this police small station.

Pfff, no wonder the driver suddenly obeyed the rule and hope those kids understand the importance of traffic signs. Not because he is sincerely concern with people nowadays who prefer to break the rule. But simply he just do not want to get involve with the police.


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