Senin, 04 April 2011

Weird people

You know, public transportation is one of many ways that lead us to meet with so many people with their unique behavior.

So, no need to be surprised if once in a while during our journey using the public transportation we will eventually bumping into people who slightly know. The worst part is, these people does not give any sign that they are a bit...whack.

When I was still in college, I sat on the bus beside a girl who I think also went to college. She sat near the window and it did not take a long time before I finally heard something hit the window. Over and over again. So I look and found that the girl was banging her head to the window.

Flabbergasted? Naturally. I looked wearily at that girl and wondering...what the heck with her? Then I heard this noise from her and later I knew that it was her talking to herself. And from part of the sentences that caught by my ears she was crying about her fight with her boyfriend. And asking to the whole wide world why oh why her boyfriend treated her that way.

I started to look around but darn there was no more empty seats. So, it was obvious I have to sit there with her along the way and unable to avoid her. Fortunately a few minutes later she arrived at her destination and I was free from watching her slamming her head to the window.

A few days ago I also met a bit peculiar woman. So, I was about to go to Sudirman street and before I reached the bus stop for busway a regular bus passing over. Since it has been a while since my last time using that bus so I asked the driver's assistant just to be sure. And naturally he answered yes so there I was getting on the bus. Most of the seats were already taken and at that time I was not really into to sit alone at the back. So, I chose to sit beside this woman probably few years younger than me. There...everything was fine. Or at least I thought so.

Then after sitting about 15 minutes suddenly this woman said something to me,"Miss, this bus is heading to Pondok Indah Mall..."

I stared at her questioningly... I meant, yeah...I knew that but then...who asked her? So, I just gave her my blank face and answered,"Yeah, I know that..."

Then we were back in silence again for only a few minutes before she talked me with smiling face and said,"Miss, if you want to go to the airport then you should take Bus DAMRI instead..."

I was like...WHat?? With irritating voice I told her that I was not going to the airport! And really, who asked?

Sighed...perhaps she was just being nice but really choosing a strange way to show it to others?

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  1. weird people.. to be carefull with all strange people surround us. Thanks Dream Catcher for sharing this!

  2. Hi Ria,
    Everywhere you go you will find one or two weird people.

  3. yeahhh so weird!
    I m also a "bus riders" in KL
    fortunately I never met any weird people like that...
    And I hope... I will never be one of them :)

  4. Hahahaha.. I couldn't stop laughing reading it. But really, I agree with you, ppl out there, are sometimes unbelievable.. :D

  5. @Dee and @Harry yeah, I suppose everywhere we go they can't be avoided
    @Dea hopefully you do not have to :)
    @Silly Girl let us pray we are not going turn into them


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