Jumat, 01 April 2011

Being fat, another seats episode

I created this post not because I dislike or hate size plus people. I am myself is a size plus. And there was a time I reached a size which could make others shaking their head feeling sad for me

But anyway that is the risk of living in Asian countries where there more skinny tiny little miny people rather than those with size plus. So I suppose, vehicles here are all adjusted with the size of people here. I once saw a very tall foreigner almost bumped his head to the ceiling of the bus. While me being so short I have to tip toe just to reach something to hold so I won't fall down when the driver hit the brake or speeding.

Same thing with all the seats made minimalist only for people in Jakarta who mostly are slim. So, you can imagine how upset people are if they have to share their seats with plus size person like me who could take one and half part of the tiny little seat. I am also upset if I have to seat near standing passengers instead of the side of the seat that close to window. I could only get half of the seats and have to accept the fact I will be pinched by the standing passenger. Other annoying thing that the space between one seat to the next often is not the same. If you are lucky you will get the one that has bigger space so you could stretch your legs. However, the seat located behind that one is totally cramped... Even for short (but size plus) people like me the seating makes me gasping for breath. I have to sit in a way that I could look like a roll of dirty laundry being forced into a suitcase.

The most tragic thing was when I was sitting inside mikrolet whereas the driver insist on using seating format 6 - 4. Meaning one longer side must be occupied by 6 passengers while the shorter side must be occupied by 4 passengers. No matter what, we the passengers must fit with the format. So when a size plus people like me or more sitting inside mikrolet and already we occupied space for 2 passengers... SOmetimes I felt bad for getting angry look from other passengers who annoyed by my presence. Well, we also did not enjoy the fact that we have to seat in so tiny little space with other people. Feel so crowded. But hey... since that's all we have to go with public transportation then suck it up...

Other thing that humiliate me sometimes when I have to use motorcycle taxi or ojek. The ojek then have to go through a bit climbing road... Just at the time the ojek started to climb, suddenly its engine died... And if you think that the driver will apologize to us the passenger, think again... He will look at you accusingly and then said, ma'am could you at least reduce your weight?

Tiring to live in a country full with slim people... Ggaaahhh

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  1. Hi Ria,

    Maybe one day both of us should go together and ride on mikrolet/metromini/busway and take the seats for four persons.
    In that I case, I wonder whether the conductor will charge two or four persons.
    Ha ha ha ha ..... LoL

  2. hahaha, Harry...looking forward for that :D

  3. Big is beautiful :D mau langsing atau kurus yang penting Happy!

  4. Absolutely

    Let them suck it up is absolutely right..... Ignore them


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