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Additional Public Transportion in Jakarta

Few years back, I posted a list of public transportation here in Jakarta. You may check the link here.

At that time, I hardly use motor-taxi (or known here as "Ojek") and train (or Commuter Line). More detail here:

1. Kereta Api Indonesia

You may check their website here. If you want to us Commuter Line to go around Jakarta area or even to Bogor you can check their website here.
Please note that for KRL, you will have to use pre-paid card or known as E-ticket. You can read about it here.
For KRL, there is this pre-paid card that you can use only for single trip. But, during rush hour you will find long queuing to get the pre-paid card. And you will have to pay a certain amount as a guarantee fee. You may cashing the guarantee fee if you don't want to use it again.
If you are going to stay for a long period, then I suggest you get a pre-paid card. Before you use it, make sure to activate the card by using a red box (picture below).

2. Ojek or Motor-taxi
Most people in Jakarta (including me) are impatient and lazy. We are too lazy to walk under the heat of the sun. But we can't wait to get to our destination as soon as possible. What better way to beat the traffic jump by using motorcycle? But, wait. I don't have a motorcycle. Then I should pay someone who use motorcycle to get to my destination.

Recently, because so many people use this service there is event an application to order Ojek! You wish to send something to your friends but too lazy to go out. You can order their service. And, if you wish to grab a meal from a restaurant (with no delivery service) you can use their service as well!

If you want to use their service, cek this site first

Picture taken from GO-JEK

Then there is another alternative, you may want to install application: Grab Taxi first. By the way, the link of promotion that I have shared in this post has expired already. So, this link will only useful for your information only.

Picture taken from Grab Taxi

So there you go. Another additional public transportion here in Jakarta. Enjoy your stay ^_^

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