Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

E-Ticket for Busway and Commuter Line

As you probably aware, from my previous post here , there will be several busway stops that going to use E-ticket instead of selling ticket manually.

Though E-ticket using Flazz Card and others are now can be used for both busway and commuter line, there is something that you need to know.

If you are using a totally new card for busway, you can just use the card until there is no balance left. But for commuter line, you have to ensure there is more than enough balance to cover your trip. PLUS, if you are going to use a totally new car then you need to activate it. YES. Activate it first, ask around where you should activate your new car before you use it to pass the entrace gate. 

The below photo is unfortunately in Indonesian. But more or less is like this:
1. Activate your prepaid card at the machine located near the entrance gate (I, myself have no idea where that is so don't hesitate to ask)

2. Check your balance, the sufficient balance at minimum IDR 7.000,- but prepare more. There is a also a machine to check your balance. Again, ask around if you must.

3. Tap the prepaid car at the entrance gate and make sure you don't loose this card before leave the train station when you reach your destination. Otherwise you will get fines but I don't know how much fine you will have to pay. 

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