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Crowded Places In Jakarta During Ramadhan Holiday

If you are happen to stay in Jakarta during Idul Fitri's holiday, then you have better watch out to the following places as they are going to be so very crowded with people...

1. Amusement parks
People who stays in Jakarta are surely going to avoid these two places: Ragunan Zoo and Ancol. There are so many people during this festive holiday and if you hate crowded places, well... it will not going to be a wonderful experience.

2. Museums and other historical places.
Most people probably not really into museum, but old museums such as Fatahillah in old city of Jakarta and National Monument (MoNas) have parks and large area for people to hang around together. If you want to visit museums, they are probably close but there are other entertainment that you can enjoy. While at National Monument I can assure you, it will take ages for you before finally able to enter the monument and going up to see Jakarta from there.

Taken in front of Museum Fatahillah, located at Old City Jakarta
Taken in front of National Monument 

3. Double Decker buses
It's free... Most people enjoy free rides, especially when we want to enjoy Jakarta during holiday. You need to find out about their operational hours. Hopefully, if you go very early in the morning then you may escape the crowded situation.
You may check the route here and read a bit in here.

Bus stop for city tour
4. Busway
I know is a holiday. People should be on holiday, get the heck out from Jakarta even for a while. So, surely Jakarta will be empty during the holiday... Or...not. Like I mentioned previously, people usually loves visiting Ragunan and Ancol. If you happen to use busway that goes to those areas, then you will find yourself trapped with lots of people. All of them, with the whole family and friends, are going to be there... Unless you want to feel the sensation being in the middle of so many passengers then you might want to think about your routes.

5. Commuter Line
It's another cheap way to travel around Jakarta.  So, yeah... you will find that there is no different with commuter line during working days and on Ramadhan holiday. Can you imagine that by using Commuter Line you can travel from Jakarta to Bogor and only cost you IDR 5.000,- (less than a dollar!)?
If you really want to go by Commuter Line anyway, then make sure you have pre-paid card for the ticekt. Otherwise, you will have to spend countless time to line up with hundreds of other passengers and totally going to be a waste of time.

Saran saya, kalau sedang berada di keramaian ya sabar-sabar saja. Daripada ngedumel karena suasana yang tidak nyaman, misalnya ada yang buang sampah sembarangan...lebih baik dari diri kita sendiri turut menjaga kebersihan. Bawa kantong plastik misalnya untuk buang sampah. Soalnya dengan kepadaatan orang, tempat sampah yang tersedia bisa jadi tidak cukup untuk menampung.

6. Toilet
Yeap. And unlike toilet located inside malls, rest rooms located at public places are going to be horrendous. Prepare yourself with wet tissues, dry tissues, whatever tissue. In fact, bring disposable paper toilet for seat cover if you feel necessary. Remember, cleaning service crew probably not as ready as regular days. So, brace yourself to totally dirty rest rooms.

Enjoy your stay in Jakarta and may you have all the fun ^_^

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