Rabu, 03 Juni 2015

Problem With Your Pre-paid Card

It has been ages since I last posted here, I know... Probably because I have nothing to tell you other than the buses getting few and fewer within these last couple of months. The people is getting crazier all the time...In short, there seems nothing the passengers could do about it... Just accept them as facts of life.

ANyway, like I have said in many of my postings here...if you are going to stay here in Jakarta for quite a while there there is nothing wrong to have at least one pre-paid card. But on second thought, let's make it two. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. Dude, this is Jakarta... You are probably going to encounter your first time of getting mugged on the bus. Seriously. Pickpockets are here and there in almost every public transportation. Not to mention mall or any public places. If you only have one and you put it in your pocket...well... Do I need to explain more?
Shortcut: buy another pre-paid card that will cost you IDR 40.000,-. The price for the card is IDR 20.000,- and the rest will be used to pay the fare.

2. Damaged card means no entry. Doesn't matter you just top-up the pre-paid card amounting IDR 100.000,-. If it's damaged then it's damaged. Period.
Again, you need to buy another car or simple beg other people's mercy by giving them the money to pay your fare. And they will swipte their card so you can enter.

3. The Top-Up problem.
It is actually very easy. You either pay in cash or if you have ATM like from Bank Central Asia to top-up your Flazz card then everything is fine.
Everything is not so fine when....the machine is offline or someone who know to operate it is unavailable. Or, they simply don't have an exchange for your money.

Naturally, make sure both of your card have sufficient funds otherwise ...good luck with begging for help from other passengers...

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