Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

Rest Room at Bus Stop For Busway

Do you know what I hate the most when taking public transportation? Nature Calls,

Why do I hate it? Because for the next agonizing minutes (which seems only last few seconds when I was trying to sleep) I have to stand with pain plastered all over my face. Praying that I have a seat so it can ease the pain. Praying I could just sit on the floor to reduce the pain. Praying that the public transportation will not meet any troubles like engine problem. And so on. You are torn between just want to jump from the bus and release the pain. But with consequences like late to go to the office, schools, appointment, etc. And if you are taking busway, you can't just jump out from the bus. You have to stop at the located bus stop. Okay, not recommended to jump from the bus. Mostly we were pushed out from the bus by driver's assistant.

The problem is, I can't seems to remember if there is any restroom for public use at every bus stops for busway. Is there anyone of these bus stops even have for their employees who have to be there around the clock? What will they do when they just have to go? Do they run all the way to the nearest mall or worst. Nearby houses? Or just anyplace anywhere? Seriously?

Then again, I also noticed that most bus stops for busway always look dirty. The cleaning service always there from time to time to sweep the floor. And yet, with so many people comes and goes at the bus stop you can't really expect to have clean environment there. So, if there is finally restrooms for public use how hygiene these restrooms are going to be ? Can we really count ourselves to keep these rest rooms; if any stay clean? I surely doubt it. I often see many people just throw something on the floor. Too lazy to find garbage can or simply don't care. There are cleaning service people. They should do the job. Having even one rest room for public who doesn't care to keep it clean then probably is not such a good idea.

And that would mean, I have to endure pain all the way until I reach my destination. Because there is not going to be any restrooms until don't know when. Sighed.

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