Kamis, 13 Juni 2013

Broke Down Busway

Nothing really special on Tuesday June 11, 2013.  Like any other day, I was fighting my way in so I can get a nice seat inside busway. Naturally, I thought good. I just sat there nicely and I would be at home within 45 minutes with traffic and so on. Right?

Not exactly. After half of my journey, the driver realized we wouldn't make it to our destination. Great. In other word, this busway JMT027 was about to broke down. Meaning, all of us the passenger will have to wait until being transferred to another busway. Come to think of it, it was after office hour and no empty busways would be available.

There were passengers waited calmly (like me because I was to stingy to get another public transportation) for another busway.

However there were others that not so patient. They decided to leave the busway from the door located next to the driver's seat.

Note: we were sort of stranded. The driver doesn't drop the passenger at the bus stop. I suppose that was sort of their arrangement. If the busway brokedown near the bus stop then other from other busway won't be able to use the bus stop. The broke down busway would be blocking the bus stop and this would mean other people would have to use another bus stop. To explain this to angry passengers would be wasting everybody's time. So, I guess I can't blame the driver for taking off.

Finally after waiting for half an hour, an empty busway JMT032 arrived.

They said they were informed about the broke down busway and  therefore no passenger were taken from previous bus stops. The empty busway arrived to pick up the rest of the patient passengers. Of course, within minutes the busway packed again with more passengers from other bus stops.

I sincerely hope I won't having this kind of experience in the morning. Phewww!

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