Kamis, 27 Juni 2013

Empty Seat

When you see an empty seat public transportation what is the first thing on your mind?

Oh, this empty seat is for people to sit there including me. Or, this empty seat is for me and all my baggages?

You may say I'm such a nag but I totally hate it when I saw a passenger put all their belongings on an empty seat, not allowing other people to use it.

I have been in this kind of situation: twice.

First time I was still in the university and took bus to go there. There was this couple don't know from where and where they were going to. They occupied all seats in the back with their luggages. Me and few passengers didn't get the seat and we all have to stand all the way through our journey. Sometimes I wondered to myself why I didn't just seat there and throw the luggage away. Sighed. Too late to have regrets on that.

The second time happened recently.

I just entered this busway and saw there were three empty seats. One seat were occupied by a lady with her bag. So, avoid to make a scene in the morning I chose another empty seat. A few minutes later, a teenager came aboard and wanted to seat on that empty seat. This lady then told the girl to go and find another empty seat. She didn't want anyone to sit there so she could put her belonging there.

Seeing this, I was intrigued and decided to do anything that I can to make that lady angry.

Moments passed and then a girl went into the busway. I waved at her and pointed that empty seat (well, tehnically is empty, right?) and suggest her to sit there. I almost let out my biggest grin when I saw that lady looks angry at me. She took her bag so the girl can sit and spent the next fifteen minutes just to glare at me. Who cares! My mission accomplish.

As I think a chair or seat is for someone to sit on and not to put your luggage no matter how many are they. If you bring so many luggage why in the heck you take public transportation anyway? Is not like you pay more than others to occupy so many seats for your luggages. 

3 komentar:

  1. wah memangnya kursi itu kepunyaan nenek moyangnya a..sampe mau dikuasai hanya untuk menaruh tasnya...bayarnya cuma catu kursi tapi mau dapat dua kursi....luarbiasa banget sikap ibu itu :-)

    1. ibu ini hanya salah satu dari buanyak orang yang masih melakukan hal seperti yang saya ceritakan :)

  2. seharusnya hal-hal seperti ini dapat diperiungatkan


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