Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

E-Ticket TransJakarta

Since April 21, 2013 e-ticket has been officially used in several bus stop for busways. Not all ready to for the use of e-ticketing. So, we still need to prepare small changes to buy regular ticket. It is still two thousand Rupiahs started around 5 AM untlil 7 AM. After that we have to pay three thousand and five hundred Rupiah.

Ever since e-ticket being launched to public I have bought two kinds of debit card. First, I bought Brizzi by BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia). I thought there would be this magic machine for people to top up their card from various bank. Obviously not. If you have account at BRI then it will be easy for you top up this card via ATM. If not, you may top up from your account at other bank and will be charged around five thousand Rupiahs; if I were not mistaken. Sort of like e-money, you may use it at various vendors that accept this kind of payment. There are various debet card from BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia), BCA (Bank Central Asia), Mandiri Bank and DKI Bank.

After that I bought JakCard.by DKI bank. We will be able to top up JakCard at several bus stop for busways. So there is no need to have account at DKI bank to top up this card. Passengers may top up their JakCard at bus stop for busway at Blok M and Harmoni. Probabaly there are more but I have no information about the location.

On the above photo, we can see the balance of our debet card after we purchase the ticket. So, we would know when we should top up our card again. Not bad. I can avoid long queuing to buy ticket. I'm just wondering what if this machine is out of order or something like that. I suppose passenger need to go back and buy regular ticket, eh? And what if there is an accident? Passenger have no regular ticket if they need to claim insurance. Perhaps it will be enough by showing our debit card? 

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