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Bangkok Airport Rail Link

In the year 2011 my friends and I went to Bangkok. When we arrived Lemon Seed Inn was the place we stay for the night. SOrt of like Bed and Breakfast kind of inn. So, it's not fancy nor bad for Lemon Seed.

But I have never been to Bangkok and don't speak the language. So, how was I supposed to go to this Lemon Seed Rooms? Do I have to rent a car, considering that we would be arrived late at night. But, my friend who recommend me to stay there informing me that there is this train straight from the airport. All we need to do is to go by that train and take off at the last station. From there I could walk or use Tuktuk to get to the inn.

I'm imagining Bangkok sort of like Jakarta. The unbelievable traffic jam. Our arrival in Bangkok was on Friday night. I was like, oh great. Everybody would be on the street to hang out with their friends. Then it's a good idea to catch a train to avoid traffic jam.

As soon as we arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, me and my friends try to find where we should be on board to this train. Later I know the name is Bangkok Airport Rail Link to go to Petchaburi; the location of Lemon Seed. The officials in charge were all friendly and helpful. The only problem was when we have to buy the train ticket from vending machine. We need to have the exact amount to buy the ticket as the machine unable to give us the exchange. So, remember to at least try to find out how much is the ticket and prepare the exact amount to purchase it.

I like the train when we finally on board as it's very clean and neat. And all we have in Jakarta is Damri Bus which comfortable enough but certainly has it's limitation. Like bumping into traffic jam for example.

Wondering when we are going to have something close to this in Jakarta? Can we keep it clean? Can we have regular maintenance and so on? So passengers feel safe and comfy as well.  

Salute to Bangkok for having this cool public transportation. If we are going there all alone, we need not to worry about the transportation. Obviously, if we are carrying too many luggages , then we should not take this transportation. It has limited space to put all the stuffs that we bring. But anyway, if you are happen to go to Bangkok you should give it a try.  

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