Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Seat Separation (Again)

Recently I often read about male passengers complaining about seat separation on busway via online media. They were upset about female passengers who ignore about seat separation and keep on finding empty seat in male's area. For all of you who have no idea about busway and everything that's going on inside, let me give you a bit of explanation.

Busway in Jakarta have different shapes with one another. The oldest busway have only one entrance door , located on the right and left. Usually in the middle of busway. So, people getting in and out from that one entrance door. Other busway have both door in the back and front, located on the right and left. In theory, passengers should get out from the back door and getting in through the front door. But in reality, people just go in and out in any door they like to. Depends on the situation as well.

Busway that have two doors have small area which is for women to sit there. And this kind of busway have larger area for men to sit.

Okay, is not because I'm myself a woman so I will defend whatever we do but let's see few facts here.

For that kind of bus, where women have smaller area either to sit or stand; could you really blame them if they decided to enter your sitting area dear guys? During rush hour, we the annoying women passengers could hardly stand let alone sit comforably in that small area. So, what do you think if we unable to get space to stand then we should get off from the busway? Heck, we can't hardly move then how can we reach the door to let ourselves out.

On the other hand, there is a busway also has two large space for both men and women to sit. For this kind of bus, I can't really blame male passenger to get angry with women passengers who just ignore the seat separation and enter that area.

Why on earth women passengers loves entering area for male to sit on busway? Because, according to them male tends to feel guilty with them standing and they just sit there. So, eventually these kind loving male passengers decided to stand and give their seats to women passengers. Aren't we women good at manipulating men? Which is why their technique won't work with other female passengers. Unless you are an elderly or pregnant women or bringing kids, there will be no way in hell we will give this seat to you.

So, that's a bit of story about seat separation on busways. Don't worry, we tends to forgive foreigners if they mistakenly enter one particular area. But people won't be so forgiving and forget about any kind of rules during rush hour. So, you better watch out :)

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