Rabu, 24 April 2013


Well, well, well... It turn out today is Public Transportation Day. I totally unaware and forget about it. Which is sort of embarassing for me as I am a regular user of public transportation. Not because I enjoy using them but simply because I have no choice.

Okay, I am just gonna hurry and spill my complaints again about public transportation:

1. I just hate those people who jump into the public transportation especially like mikrolet, kopaja and metromini.

These people always start by saying that they have no job and therefore no money. So, they asked passengers to give them money. That will be better rather than rob us the passengers. Amazing! Don't you think? And then, when we doesn't want to give them money, they started to get angry. And yell out nasty threatening words. Sometimes even racist remarks. I totally hate them and to all of you please be aware with these kind of people.

2. There is no aircon on so many available busways. It is okay when there were few passengers. But I need not to tell you what will be like when the no-air-con-busway loaded with so many people.

3. Sometimes the busways arrive with interval of time approximately 10-15 minutes. If you get lucky, that is. But if you are out of luck then prepare yourself to wait between 30 minutes up to 1 or even 2 hours

4. Using Kopaja and Metromini can drive you insane especially when you have a driver and the driver's assistant (known as "kenek") from hell. Ironic to think that we are the one who paid, but they yell at us when we were a bit slow to get on the public transportation. And they swore to us, hoping we would just drop dead when we were unable to get off from the public transportation quickly.

5. There are still threats of robbery even rape for female passenger every time we step into public transportation.

Okay, it won't be fair if I have no compliment at all. Last Monday I saw many busway official at bus stop in Harmony helping an elderly who fell sick. They treat the elderly patiently and I gave them two thumbs up for being sincere. Hopefully, there will be enough busways to cover all passengers so they don't get yelled by angry passengers. And hopefully better condition for the buses and other public transportation. Not to mention safety matter. Well, it's a hope.

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