Jumat, 05 April 2013

Handphone forbidden? Think Again!

Okay, I know I have spent so many times grumbling about how handphone should be forbidden on public transportation. It turn out I was totally wrong, dear readers.

Yesterday as usual, me and dozen other passenger trying to get into busway. But then, I have this feeling that there would be another empty busway behind. So, why I should even try to go inside this over load crowded busway? So, I started to be nicer, let other people rushing in to the already crowded busway. Then, a young mother and her son try to get pass me to go inside busway. I was a bit annoyed and tell her to watch out for her son and their steps. The officer in charge; seeing the busway already full decided to close the door. The young mom told the officer that her relative was already inside the busway. The officer didn't care and simply tell her to meet her relative at their destination.

ANd within minutes, the next empty busway approached and we all rushing inside try to get a nice seat. Then all passengers started their own things, like sleeping, daydreaming, eating whatever hidden in her bag and one agitated. Yeap, the young mom unable to sit still all the way. At the first bus stop, she stand up, her eyes darting from left to right, as if she wish to find someone inside. Then she back to her seat until reaching another bus stop, she did it again. Finally her acitivity attract the driver and other passengers.

And here are the conversations:

Passenger 1 : Why are you so agitated?

Young Mom : I'm looking for my relative

Passenger 1: And where the heck is she?

Young Mom: I was left behind, she is on that busway in front of us

Driver, passenger 1, 2, 3, me : Call her then!

Young Mom : I tried, but I'm unable to make a call


Passenger 1 : Give me her number, I will try to call her

It turn out, the call was not being picked up

Passenger 2: Probably she doesn't want to pick up the phone as she doesn't recognise the number

Me: Perhaps we should try to send her text message. Madam, tell her your name so she can inform your relative

And since the text message also get no reply, we started to gossip creatively

Passenger 2: She's probably busy holding the bus handler

Passenger 1: Or she didn't hear the phone ringing

Me : Maybe you should try to call her again

Passenger : Okay, will try it now... Oh, still got no answer

Young Mom: It seems my relative don't know how to read text message

(Yesss, ladies and gentlemen. Many people find it difficult to read and send text message...so, though this explanation seems absurd but trust me, it happens!)

We were like...whattt???

Passenger 3, me, driver : Where actually do you want to go ?

Young Mom : I don't know, just following my relative. I usually don't take busway for transportation.

(hmmm, don't you have to know your destination no matter what kind public transportation that you choose?)

Passenger 1: Madam, I have been calling but she's not picking up. So what's next?

Young Mom: Can I ask your help to call my family at home? The number is XXXXXX

Passenger 1: Okay, someone pick up the phone

The kind passenger lent her handphone to this young mom and for a while our attention distracted by an accident across the street. We all try to see what really happen out there then after that, we finally focusing to this young mom again. Other passengers who were sleeping, daydreaming now looking at her intensly. While new passenger on board quickly got an update about her situation.

Finally we discover that it seems her relative have low battery on her handphone as it was off and unable to be reached. And finally this young mom found out where her destination but looked confuse as she has to transit in another bus stop. I have no idea what happens to her as I was reaching my destination first.

So, my friends... It is important to ensure that you will be able to make a call and have enough power on your gadget for comuunication. Especially when you are traveling. And please, try at least to know where is your destination though you are only following someone.

And I will take back my statement about handphone should be forbidden on the bus.

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  1. I have some sympathy for this poor woman but c'monnnn! It says heaps that her relative managed to ditch her at the bus stop If they are supposed to be traveling together how did they manage to get on separate buses? Anyways it was nice to see everyone trying to help.

  2. What it also says, PJ, is that the conductor/'door guard' or whatever they're called, should have not have let the bus depart without letting the poor woman on or asking her relative to get off.

    Incidentally, I too have problems sending text messages, even on a very basic hand phone: why do they all have unnecessary apps?


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