Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

Queue Second part

Every day whenever I have to wait for busway to reach my destination, I always get agitated. Why? Most of the time, there are too many passengers inside the busway so I was unable to enter inside.

From far away, I could see that there are a bit of empty space near the driver. 1 -2 passengers should be able to stand there near the driver. So, the middle area would be emptier and other passengers will be able to enter. However, most passengers inside the busway prefer to stand in the middle area and therefore other people will not be able to enter.

While I was cramped inside the bus I thought why in the heck these passengers don’t want to enter to the other part of busway which actually a bit emptier.  And since I have all the time in the world I finally try to analyze the situation.

First, I thought they don’t want to enter to the other part of the busway because their destination is not that far. But then, I finally notice (okay, I have been watching them for months so yeah I am familiar with many faces already) that most of them have longer destination; the same like mine. So, why they love standing together cramped with other passengers? 

Second, I assume they are all simply lazy and don’t want to bother to move to another area of the busway and prefer to stand still even though it’s not comfortable.

After carefully watching all of them (and that’s because I have nothing to do and get bored), it turn out most of these passengers will have to transit to another busway. So, once they arrived all of them need to rush to another queuing area and have another waiting game. That’s why they care nothing but themselves on how to get to the next busway so they will be able to arrive on time in the office. So, they don’t need to wait longer and fail to get the bus. They have every reason to be cruel and don’t give a damn about other people.

If only there are enough busways for everybody so people don’t act barbaric towards another.

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