Selasa, 05 Maret 2013

Women on the Bus

Women, God’s creation that need to be protected as they are not strong enough to face the world..
In reality, women are fearless and tougher than men, especially on rare occasion.

Don’t believe me?

Anyway, I wrote this post with no intention of being disrespect towards women since I am one myself. Just want to share that women on the bus can be nasty towards other passengers both men and women.

So, one day like any other day when I got cramped inside heavily packed busway. And though the busway already full with so many people, there was this pregnant lady managed to get inside. The officer in charge saw her condition and here I quoted their conversation:

Officer : Madam, wait here while I try to find you a seat
(Actually, the officer would find any passenger and tell her or him to stand up and give their seat to this pregnant lady)

Lady : No thank you officer. I am still able to stand.

Officer: No problem madam. I will try to find one for you. (then he shouts to all the people inside the busway).
Anyone, please give your seat. There is a pregnant lady here…

Lady : Sir, I am fine. I am still able to stand. Beside, if people wish to help others there will be no necessary to tell them.

That’s when my ears suddenly start to focus to the whole conversation..

Officer: Just be patient madam. I will find one for you.

Lady : No need sir. People don’t give their seat sincerely especially when being told to. A woman snap at me after she was being told to give me her seat. She said why in the heck I use a public transportation knowing that I am pregnant now.

Hahahahaha…. (and then doing the face palm)

Pay attention who was nastier when you were on public transportation? Usually women barking more rather than men. Okay, that including me but I gave up yelling. I prefer shoving and pushing. It works fine that way and when they got angry I just stare with my blank face. People don’t like to be told what to do.

Being so fierce like that, no wonder men complained about women liberation or emancipation. We want to be the same like men but forget about that when it comes to get a seat on a bus. What can we say? Because we are women ^_^

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