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Tips During Homecoming For Idul Fitri

Though I have posted this topic over and over again, I think there is nothing wrong to post it again as a reminder to all of us.

If you are happen to be in Indonesia, and you travel by bus, cars, train and so on please watch out with your baggage. Don't bring too many of them. Keep your money in various places. So if (God forbid) a pickpocket snatched your wallet, you still have spare of money. Don't wear too many valuable jewelries that will attract mugger to take it from you.

Best to avoid offering drink of food to other people unless that people totally desperate otherwise better not. As people might suspected you as bad guys who drugs others and rob them blind. Many cases in Indonesia when people offered meals by others and then fall asleep (in several cases the victims found dead due overdose). When they woke up (or found by other people) they have lost their belongings. It was cruel, since these people save a lot of money to be given to their family but others took it just like that by using drugs.

Bring your medicine but there will be no need to bring the whole pharmacy with you as you are not going to sell anything.

Never ever forget your ticket, ID and whatever documents that explain about you so you will be ready when police asking for your credentials.

Ensure yourself that your stamina is strong enough to endure pain and tiredness during this long trip. The destination is not that far but it will take longer times as suddenly thousand of people heading to the same direction.

Anyone care to add?

Anyway, Jakarta will look like this during Ramadhan holiday

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