Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

Photos Around The Bus

Again, I think picture can do more talking than I am so here goes

A few months ago I was passing Thamrin street and noticed this cute bus stop. Don't really know is it still there right now. 

This was a rare occassion. Only happens when we are lucky. Inside the busway at the right moment.

 The official in charge in TransJakarta is the same like any other passengers. They need their rest and take it when there were only few passengers on the bus.

The not so sterile busway lane (if you look at it closely then you will see motorcycles already passing through this busway lane)

and finally this happens

Looking at this door, make me feel not so sure about my safety

Last one, let's hope the lights won't suddenly off and inspire an urban legend on busway ghost or whatever

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