Kamis, 25 Juli 2013


I will never ever going to take a bus,” said one of my acquaintances for about twenty years ago. “My God! So crowded with people.

LOL. And after twenty years passed by it turn out things not turn for the better at all.

Then why in the heck people still takes public transportation even though they are going to meet situation like these:
Crowded Bus
Hot and steamy
Sweating all over the place
Time wasted for waiting the public transportation
Will get a heart attack because the driver speeding
Will get a high blood pressure because it takes forever before we get to our destination
Arguing about the fare
The public transportation broke down in the middle of the street

Why people still taking the public transportation? Isn’t it obvious?
Not all people can drive
Even if they can drive doesn’t automatically mean they are able to buy a car
Not all people can use motorcycle
Even if they can doesn’t automatically mean they are able to buy a motorcycle
Traffic jam and rush hour seems happens every moment
Premium no longer cheap

So, with all that…still wondering why people decide to take public transportation?

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