Jumat, 27 September 2013

Another Picture Talking

As usual, I loves taking pictures on the bus or other public transportation whenever I can. So, here they are...

Is Jakarta overloaded with people? This was taken almost 9 PM at Dukuh Atas bus stop. And still, people lining up just to get home. Where are those busway anyway?

Do you see tiny writing greeny thing in this picture? Well, the lining to get to busway starting from there at Dukuh Atas bus stop around 4 PM. I couldn't imagine what is going to happen to people who just got out from their office around 5 PM... Maybe they better find another transportation.

This is a rare occassion so we have to embrace it while we can :)

This is so sweet. A mother takes her son to try the public transportation without hassle other passengers, begging for a seat.

Well, it was supposed to be a lane only for busway but what the heck... It's only one motorcycle...

Or maybe more.... Because there is no other way to go....

Can you imagine what will happen during the rainy season? Relax. They have finished fix this for one day only :)

Tired with photos from busways? This is the last photo for you to see. It was taken from another public transportation called: Mikrolet. Those young drivers always know how to entertain themselves :)

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