Jumat, 20 September 2013

Watching People

I loves watching people when I was on public transportation. Simply because I have nothing better to do. Hmmm, perhaps I could try reading? But it's hard to open a book and read while standing with dozen of people on the bus. Sometimes I almost fall because other people push me accidentally. But, watching people is fun. And here are the think that I started to notice;

1. I'm tired. I want to sit down!
The bus is full so really, do you have to force yourself between two people and just take a seat? Were you hoping that one of them will eventually give up and stand up?
Just look at the above two empty seat above. Imagine there are already two people sit on those chairs. But wait, another person came by and squeeze herself between two (already sitting) passengers. I always amazes to see these kind of people.
Because there are various reasons why people don't want to give up their seats. First, they just don't care. Second, they are also exhausted. Third, they are not feeling well and for the ladies probably having their PMS moment.

2. No eating inside the busway.
There are already picture stated the rule: NO EATING. And yet, still there are many people do so. Their reasons also varied. Starting from simply hungry up to having digestion problems, or eating disorder and so on. In short, they need to eat and don't care about the regulation.
I'm actually worry that people will REALLY have digestion problems after eating during their journey on the bus. Why? The road always bumpy, your body can't sit still or stand still, and then suddenly the meal back again near your throat. Next, you know what is going happen and not nice at all,

3. Taking a phonecall while they are about to get off from the bus
Once I saw a young lady, probably a student. She was about to get off on the next bus stop. Then her phone suddenly rang. At first, she pick up the phone, gracefully walk through the other passengers. And then her charm broke when the driver hit the brake suddenly. She almost fall back but other passengers quickly grabbed her hands. She then walked in a hurry, don't know whether she was embarrassed or simply pretending not to care. But naturally most of us sniggered. Lesson taken. Don't try to answer your phone while try to get out from the walking bus.

Anything interesting that you have seen while you were on the bus?

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